The Building Block
of Industrial Decarbonization

Electrified Thermal Solutions is re-inventing the firebrick to electrify industrial heat. Developed over almost a decade at MIT, our electrically and thermally conductive bricks are the heart of our Joule HiveTM thermal battery. This thermal energy storage system provides the lowest-cost decarbonized heat to even the hottest industrial applications, up to 1,800°C (3,275°F).

We work with existing brick manufacturers so we can deploy at scale today.

Meet the New All-Electric Brick

Our innovation is the electrically-conductive firebrick, the heart of the Joule Hive thermal battery (JHTB). This innovation enables two characteristics with profound implications for decarbonizing industry globally. The first is that the electrically conductive firebrick is the first heating element that can convert electricity to temperatures up to 1,800°C that can scale to electrify the highest temperature, hardest to abate sectors including steel, cement, glass, chemicals.  The second is that these high temperatures correlate to unprecedented energy density which enables the cost-effective storage of that thermal energy with >95% efficiency and therefore cheap off-peak electricity can be used to bring the cost of decarbonizing below or close to parity with existing fossil fuel sources.

The Joule Hive thermal battery is a stack of electrically conductive firebricks in an insulated steel container and an electrical balance of plant. The JHTB charges by running electricity directly through the bricks to joule-heat them up to 1800°C, the thermal energy is stored at that temperature, and then the system is discharged by running air or another gas through the brick channels to provide heat to any furnace, boiler, turbine, or kiln.