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Industry Electrified.

The Power in a Firebrick

Boilers, furnaces and kilns are the engine of our industrial economy. They provide heat to melt steel, create cement, transform chemicals, and dry goods. Unfortunately since the dawn of industry, burning fossil fuels has driven these heat processes, the only method to achieve the ultra-high temperatures industrial processes require at low cost. Decarbonizing industry, and the 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions that comes along with it, requires electrifying heat.

We must replace every fossil fuel heat source with an electrical source; one hot enough to meet our most pressing needs and with a cost so affordable it’s easy to say ‘yes’ on economics alone. Well, what’s more affordable than the age-old brick?

Across almost a decade of development in the lab, we’ve reinvented the firebrick from the workhorse insulator of industry to an electrified building block for decarbonization. Our reimagined firebrick is still an industrial workhorse, but now it conducts electricity too. A conductive brick allows us to harness renewable and cheap off-peak electricity and transform it into heat directly, eliminating the need for fossil fuel combustion. 

At Electrified Thermal Solutions we’re working each day to electrify another boiler, furnace or kiln, building a world where commercial and industrial facilities no longer have plumes of smoke and noisy operations, but clean, quiet systems transforming renewable energy into industrial heat to power a clean economy.

“When we founded Electrified Thermal, our vision was simple and massive: electrify industry. And we’re well on our way.”

- Dan Stack, CEO & Co-founder

Founded at MIT

The simpler the innovation, the bigger the potential impact. We spent almost a decade at MIT re-imagining the common firebrick, knowing that if we did it right, we could be the cornerstone of decarbonizing industry. We hypothesized, we tested, we failed, and we iterated. Then finally, we had it. A unique, low-cost doping of firebrick materials that is electrically conductive and chemically stable in air and other atmospheres at even the hottest temperatures. As Electrified Thermal Solutions grows, we’re now combining this innovation with established manufacturers and globally-available materials. We’re bringing a simple innovation to the entire planet, in a form you know for a function you never thought possible.

Help Us Solve Brick-Hard Problems

We are nuclear engineers, bricklayers, entrepreneurs, parents, dreamers, and friends. At Electrified Thermal Solutions we share a day-in and day-out passion for tackling climate change by bringing decarbonized industrial heat to industry. We’re building a team that is capable and compassionate. We believe our company and its values should be as valuable as the products we sell. If you share our mission and think you have something unique to contribute, learn more about working at ETS.

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