Electrified Thermal Solutions Profiled by Springwise

ETS’s Joule HiveTM thermal battery was recently profiled by Springwise, the leading global innovation intelligence platform. Read the article, “Could firebricks decarbonise polluting industries?” here.

“The Joule Hive Thermal Battery will also support ageing grid infrastructure as renewable, intermittent generation is added to the system. Instead of using expensive electricity storage systems like lithium-ion batteries, which rely on mining finite raw materials to the detriment of the environment to balance the generation, the JHTB can shift the timing of its electric load (charging) to when renewables are generating and plentiful, even while delivering 24/7 heat to its customer. This allows growing electricity demands to be met while supporting the growth of renewable energies. Electrified Thermal Solutions is currently seeking additional partnerships with organisations that want to decarbonise their heat processes.”

Keely Khoury, Springwise

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