ETS Recognized on CEMEX Ventures Cleantech Construction Innovations Map for 2023

CEMEX’s sustainability approach through Open Innovation: Carbon Capture Utilization Storage, Hydrogen, Industrial heat, and Circular Economy. We were selected as one of the 25 most promising Cleantech solutions of 2023 that are redefining the Contech ecosystem.

Industrial Heat is seen as a critical tool in decarbonization of construction, as CEMEX says:

Historically, we have relied on fossil fuels to produce the high temperatures required in our industrial processes, but technological progress and recent innovations are giving way to more sustainable options. Industrial heat is one such example. It consists of replacing technologies that use fossil fuels as an energy source with those than use electricity instead. Depending on the sources used to create industry heat, deep electrification has the power to substantially reduce carbon dioxide emissions in industrial processes in the heavy industries.

Industrial heat generated from 100% renewable energy resources are key to accomplishing a sustainable energy transition, since they can be used in lieu of fossil fuels in a variety of different activities, from powering heavy construction equipment to cement production. Additionally, electrification is becoming more cost effective and more energy efficient. The uses for industrial heat in place of fossil fuels in the construction industry are boundless. CEMEX is currently working with startups to use electrification within the cement manufacturing process. The time is now to develop this technology and work with startups that produce electricity from clean and carbon free sources at scale. 

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