Grid Energy Storage

Natural Gas Turbine Reliability, Minus the Natural Gas

"Greater than 95% efficient storage of energy for accessible, clean low-cost electricity."

Long Duration Energy Storage

The Joule HiveTM Thermal Battery’s record breaking temperatures for delivering electrically generated hot air means that for the first time we can use electricity to drive a gas turbine. This means that the world’s 1.8 Terawatts (that’s 1.8 million Megawatts!) of existing natural gas power plants could be converted to grid-scale batteries to balance intermittent renewable generation. Driving a gas turbine combined cycle plant allows for round trip efficiencies >60%. Critically, the JHTB can be retrofitted to an existing gas plant for 10-20% of the capital cost of the lithium-ion batteries used today.

Our Joule Hive Thermal Battery is the most cost-effective way to balance the grid with the surge of intermittent renewable generation that the energy transition requires. We are excited to work with the energy industry to transform its natural gas power plant assets into decarbonized batteries, enabling the zero-carbon grid of the future.


How it Works

Once retrofitted to an existing gas plant, the Joule HiveTM Thermal Battery will charge when there is excess energy that is currently curtailed, typically generated from renewables, nuclear or hydropower.  The JHTB converts the electricity to heat and stores it. Then when demand for electricity outstrips supply, the JHTB will deliver high-pressure hot air to the gas turbine to generate electricity when it is most needed.

By converting and storing electricity to high-temperature heat efficiently, the JHTB enables the re-use of existing infrastructure to lower the cost of the energy transition and rapidly reduce the emissions of our electrical grid.


Work with Us

We’re actively working with customers to spec and deploy systems at their facilities. If you are looking for the lowest-cost solution to completely decarbonize your industrial heat processes, please reach out. We can replace a boiler, expand capacity, and enhance capabilities at lower cost or close to parity with yesterday’s solutions.