Webinar: Electrification as the Least Cost Path to Decarbonization

Our CEO, Dan Stack, recently participated in a webinar hosted by Decarb Connect, discussing low cost options for industrial decarbonization.

You can still watch the Webinar On-Demand through the Decarb Website.

Watch the on-demand webinar, where Buzzi Unicem (Cement), SABIC (Chemicals), and Electrified Thermal Solutions (Thermal Battery) share insights on the roadmap and opportunities for electrification in hard to abate industrial sectors:

  1. Hitting the Highest Temperatures with Electricity – how can we use electricity to make cement and conduct chemical processes requiring the highest temperatures?
  2. Least Cost Path – How do the economics of electrification compare to other decarbonization options?
  3. Eliminate Process Emissions – How can electrification enable the elimination of process emissions that dominate some hard to abate industrial sector GHG emissions?

Watch the Webinar On-Demand

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